1. Can I change or cancel my order?

All orders are final once they have been processed through the checkout. Unfortunately, no further changes can be made to your order once processed including and not limited to; removing and/or adding items to your order, combining orders or cancelling your order.  If you have any issues in placing your order, please contact us at viadelourdes@gmail.com

Please ensure all details on your order are correct before confirming your checkout. In particular, we recommend double-checking your email and delivery address.


2. What if I receive my order and it is not correct? 

Please contact us for personalised support at viadelourdes@gmail.com 


3. Can I return my order after I receive it? 

We don’t accept returns. 

However, we want to make sure our customers love our products and service. So if you have any issues or concerns related to your order, please contact us at viadelourdes@gmail.com


4. What packaging should I expect for my order? 

All orders will be wrapped in our branded pouches.